About the North American Umbraco Users Group

This website was created by ProWorks with three primary intentions. 

  1. Identify, present and promote the Umbraco community in North America. We believe that "a rising tide lifts all boats". 
  2. Provide an easy tool to locate and contact members of the North American Umbraco community.
  3. Demonstrate the general capabilities of Umbraco (yes, this is an Umbraco site) and specifically as a directory solution for member organizations, professional associations and solution listings. 

Please send suggestions and bugs to nauug@proworks.com. Jason Prothero and I (Loyan Roylance) really are listening! 

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About Umbraco

Umbraco is an open source, .NET based, content management solution. Web developers and designers use Umbraco to create websites of all sizes and for any market. Businesses, public agencies, non-profit organizations and individuals use Umbraco to manage their own website. 

ProWorks Team at Work

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About ProWorks Corporation

ProWorks Corporation is a web solutions business specializing in Umbraco. We are an Umbraco Certified Partner with four Umbraco Level 2 Certified Developers, one Level 1 Certfied Developer and one really smart content manager (who do you think is writing this content). We are based in Corvallis, Oregon (go Beavers!) and have been in business since 1986, when the World Wide Web was still just a glimmer in the eye of Tim Berners-Lee. 

The photo to the right is of our Umbraco project team working on this website. No, we don't normally work cramped like this. We have a very open and spacious office where most of our team has recently adopted stand-up desks. But thats another story...     

You can learn more about ProWorks Corporation at www.proworks.com.